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Ampli Ear Personal Sound Amplifier (PSA)

Ampli Ear  Personal Sound Amplifier (PSA)
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    The "Original" Ampli Ear Personal Sound Amplifier:
  • Designed to be discreet and lightweight
  • Developed using the latest air induction technology.
  • Designed to provide simplicity for the user.
  • The controls are positioned for ease of usage.
  • Created for those who might have dexterity issues
  • Does not require constant tinkering and fine tuning - like other hearing aids and personal hearing amplifiers.
  • But what makes the Ampli Ear our best selling product is its affordability. Many of our customers are looking to be first time hearing aid users not looking to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids not covered by their insurance and perhaps not yet necessary, which makes the Ampli Ear personal sound amplifier a perfect "starter".
  • Many of our customers have purchased the Ampli Ear to serve as a back up, while their "pricey" hearing aid sits in the shop.
  • Our customers have included soldiers abroad, teachers, outdoors-men, TV watchers, and for those who want to significantly improve their awareness of surrounding sounds and voices, greater independence and security.
  • The American Research Institute testing rates the Ampli Ear hearing amplifier a full 100 out of 100 points for clarity, amplification, and comfort
  • Fits for both men and women
  • Designed to fit and be used in either ear
  • less than 3/4” inch in size
  • The "Original" Ampli Ear personal sound amplifier comes with 4 different sized ear fittings for a snug comfortable fit producing a better quality amplification of sound
  • Variable volume control
  • Battery compartment and ON/OFF switch
  • A cleaning brush to remove unwanted wax build up - important for the effectiveness of your hearing aid!
  • The Ampli Ear is US FDA/CDRH listed


“My husband’s habit of losing aids (at $1,500 a piece) is now solved as he likes your device as well.” - L.B.

He Loves It! “Yesterday afternoon my husband’s "Ampli Ear" arrived and he loves it. The difference in his hearing is remarkable.” - Mrs. O.B., San Antonio, Texas

What He’s Been Searching for! “I have ordered other hearing devices for my father but they didn’t work for him. The Ampli Ear is what he has been searching for. He really likes it.” - Mr. A.O., Gastonia, N.C.

Very Good! “I like these a great deal. These are very good.” - Mr. G.S., Lockwood, N.Y.

Tremendous Relief to Hear! “I purchased one of your hearing devices some two or three months ago. I must say how thrilled I was with it and what a tremendous relief it was to actually hear. I have lost almost 90% of my hearing in my left ear and never thought I’d be able to afford such a device to hear normally. I have told many of my friends about your product.” - Ms. W.K., Rock Springs, WY

Better Than the $1,000 Aid! “My husband just received one in the mail and he likes it better than the hearing aid he paid $1,000 for.” - Order # x36421443

I certify that am 18 years old or older and  I do not wish a medical evaluation or test before purchasing the "Hear Clear". I understand that The FDA has determined that my best interests would be served if I had a medical evaluation by a licensed physician who specializes in diseases of the ear, before purchasing the Ampli Ear - or a test by a licensed hearing aid dispenser utilizing established procedures and instrumentation in the fitting of hearing instruments. No Sales to CT or WA customers will be accepted.


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